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Boleware Vassar Orthodontics


Braces With B.V. Ortho

Today's modern braces have never been smaller or more comfortable. A very effective teeth alignment treatment for kids and adults alike, braces are a top treatment option to achieve the smile you or your child has always wanted. Drs. Vassar and Boleware are very experienced in even the most complex alignment challenges and will create a plan tailored to your needs. 


Patients can see results in a short period of time with braces on their orthodontics journey to the perfect smile, and our highly-trained doctors and staff love seeing our smiling, confident patients at the end of their time in braces.

B.V. Ortho wants you to feel comfortable and confident in the orthodontist you choose. Give us a call today at 601-856-3054 or request a free consult now!


free consult

with doctor

Meet with one of our doctors to ask any questions

you may have & learn about treatment options



x-ray/3d scan

We will get a digital scan of your teeth to decide

the perfect treatment just for you



treatment plan

Your doctor will layout a customized treatment

plan to start your journey to the perfect smile

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